Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NVIDIA Gtx 970 4gb

As prices start to decline, 900 series cards are becoming much cheaper. The 4gb versions of these cards are used for gaming and streaming mostly. The 970 4gb is the next card that I plan to add to my collection. The 970 card is almost the top of the line for its class. This card has the best gaming performance for games of high demand. The 970 supports SLI or multiple graphic cards at one time. Gpu boost, or the overclocking mechanism through GeForce, is almost never needed. When the card is boosted over its natural speed, it is dangerously quick. The 4k graphics of the card provide a crisp quality. With the massive capability you can run three monitors off of one card. And if you are confused, that is one for your game, one for you homework, and one for music! Learn more about this card and others at Purchase this card at

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