Tuesday, April 5, 2016

GTX 1000 Series

Nvidia has been leaking small bits of information on a new series of graphics cards. This information has been backed by the release and speculation of "pascal" speed. The series of cards is most likely supposed to release somewhere between June and October. For many, this means a completely different thing. The older 900 series gpus will be considerably lower in price. However, the Titan and Titan X may stay about the same price as they have little competition in their class. The consumers who can afford such cards, more and more as it seems, will most likely not worry about a pascal card outperforming theirs. In my opinion, I would purchase a 900 series card. If the cards are around the same price, I would consider a pascal card.For information on the cards visit nvidia.com or Tom's Hardware. To purchase such cards, visit newegg.com.

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