Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Used Computer Industry! (as a whole)

As new parts are being brought into the market, old parts are being pulled out of machines. Some sell the complete machine, while others sell certain parts to get a few extra bucks before purchasing a new part. As a whole, the used market is garbage. By saying this I mean that people have no clue what things are worth. The price of used parts is extremely high due to the fact that people think they have better parts than they do. If you look on Craigslist, for example, there is a limited section of parts. Within the section is a few old computers and some old gpus. Those parts are overpriced by 50% at least. On ebay, other parts go for just as much. The parts still work but are outdated. People need to realize that things lose value as they age.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Razer Black Widow Chroma!

The razer black widow is no new keyboard to the market. With cherry mx keys, the mechanical board is very sturdy. The chroma is no exception. The chroma series Razer released brought RGB colored keys and lighting systems to there products. With the new software, you can change anything on the board. You can also make the lights bounce and change however you want. This master piece of a keyboard is true to its name but also its price. Like all razer products, it holds its value. This keyboard will run for about 140 dollars but is a great product. For more on this product visit And like always, visit or for all your computer needs!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NVIDIA Gtx 970 4gb

As prices start to decline, 900 series cards are becoming much cheaper. The 4gb versions of these cards are used for gaming and streaming mostly. The 970 4gb is the next card that I plan to add to my collection. The 970 card is almost the top of the line for its class. This card has the best gaming performance for games of high demand. The 970 supports SLI or multiple graphic cards at one time. Gpu boost, or the overclocking mechanism through GeForce, is almost never needed. When the card is boosted over its natural speed, it is dangerously quick. The 4k graphics of the card provide a crisp quality. With the massive capability you can run three monitors off of one card. And if you are confused, that is one for your game, one for you homework, and one for music! Learn more about this card and others at Purchase this card at

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

GTX 1000 Series

Nvidia has been leaking small bits of information on a new series of graphics cards. This information has been backed by the release and speculation of "pascal" speed. The series of cards is most likely supposed to release somewhere between June and October. For many, this means a completely different thing. The older 900 series gpus will be considerably lower in price. However, the Titan and Titan X may stay about the same price as they have little competition in their class. The consumers who can afford such cards, more and more as it seems, will most likely not worry about a pascal card outperforming theirs. In my opinion, I would purchase a 900 series card. If the cards are around the same price, I would consider a pascal card.For information on the cards visit or Tom's Hardware. To purchase such cards, visit

Monday, March 21, 2016

Apple 4 inch iPhone! and Apple Sales

Recently, there was a few leaks of new ideas from Apple. Apple decided to bring back smaller iphones. This is most likely just a change in the direction of the phone industry. In order to persevere in the capitalist environment, companies need to make changes. This change is for attention. This attention is designed to hit users that want the opportunity to take advantage of the newer iPhone model and maintain a smaller size. This iPhone will start at 399 dollars for a 16 GB model. Apple stock has been on the decline this year. However, it is slowly rising from the start of February. In other news with Apple, the government is pestering Apple to break into one of the San Bernandino attackers phones. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Intel Xeon E3-1241 V3

The intel Xeon E3 is a classic chip for many consumers. Before the designated i7 processors were released, the E3 was used in server machines and gaming machines. This chip has enough power than overclocking is not needed. People began to realize this as it has a full star rating on all sites. Power and reliability are the main features of this product. When users are looking to take full advantage of a processor overall, this product is often overlooked. In the future, this processor will still hold its worth. A locked processor with the ability to boost is awesome. This feature can save money and still provide performance. To pick up this product and others, purchase from

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

EVGA Supernova NEX 750W!

The EVGA Supernova NEX power supply is much like other EVGA products. True to its name, this power supply is a beast. With the fully modular cable system, there is little to no problem with cable management. For those who are aesthetically pleased, this is a great choice for you! In the package, the extra cables are a blessing. With the option to add multiple gpu's and other such objects, or accounting for accidents or breakages is easy. This supply unit has a high efficiency and will ultimately benefit your machine. At a low price on sale of 90 dollars, this is a good product for its price. You can pick up many others for less, however this is no time to cheap out. Pick up this product and others from!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rosewill Rnx150 Pce!

The Rosewill Rnx 150 is a low end wireless network card. Whether building a PC that does not have a built in chip or the Ethernet will not reach, this is a reliable card. This card runs at a 2.4 GHz frequency. At this level, it provides adequate performance, at a low cost. As many people may be lost, this was a no brainier for myself. This card comes as low as 15 dollars and puts many others to shame. As the card that my family members and I use, there is little time for it to fall behind, and it never has. The card is reliable when downloading and gaming. The little green light at the back is just a reminder that this things is still kicking in my thousand dollar rig. Pick up this Wireless card from or

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Corsair H100i GTX

Corsair released the H100i GTX over a year ago. However, the sales are now starting to peak again. Many users want the performance ratio that this offers. This all in one cooler for the cpu is a great bang for the buck. For a little under one hundred dollars you can get some great temperatures. The cooler is used to game and work under load. When the average game wants to step up, it will do the same job. Streamers, who make money from playing video games, use this system everyday. These hours and hours of use put a load on it and it holds its value. Pick up this component on 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kingston HyperX 8gb Ram!

With memory (ram) becoming more and more important to the system itself, choosing the right one is important. Kingston Hyper X is the first in its class to automatically overclock itself. This overclocking feature helps to offer the best performance in gaming. The simplicity of this ram gets even better as it is compatible with almost every motherboard on the market today. Many believe that power consumption is a big issue, in my opinion, it does not. But since consumers believe rumors all the time, Kingston backs its product up with the guarantee of low power consumption. Another main thing that Kingston offers is style. Many people, like myself, love the style aspect of building a machine. Kingston offers many colors and styles that fit in virtually any machine. Pick this and other sets of Ram up at

HyperX FURY 8GB 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000) Desktop Memory Model HX421C14FB/8

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Rosewill STEALTH!

Rosewill is a pretty big name in the computer industry. They are known to have products that are great quality at a great price. The STEALTH case is a larger mid tower case. This saves money and some space, but houses all of the latest and greatest. With the large grommet holes, cable management is very easy. This case also helps to fit larger cpu coolers, to please the performance based systems. Another cool thing about this case is that you already are supplied 4 fans, two of which are already RED LED. The case itself is very sleek. It is flat black with a apoplexy glass side panel to show off the system if wanted. It looks great on and off the desk. To top it off, there is virtually no rattling or other sounds when the system has power. This case just gets better and better as the price for it is only 57 dollars!! Pick up this case from

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gtx 770! Old or Broken In??

With PC gaming becoming more and more available to the everyday person, older graphics cards are becoming more affordable. The Gtx 770 was released in 2013. However, these cards are not sitting collecting dust, they are still in the systems of gamers and video game streamers alike. The 770 and other cards hold true to their specs and run just as fast, if not faster, as the day they were released. This specific card from Nvidia is equipped with an enthusiast fan which exhausts hot air from your gaming experience toward the back of the card. Do not be fooled by the shape and size of this card, it runs relatively quiet at normal use with sound dampening material already built in. With the option to get a 2gb or 4gb card, the possibilities are endless. If you are interested in getting a graphics card that will run AAA titles at enthusiast levels, while saving some cash, this is the one for you. With these cards going for less than 180 dollars .If you are interested in a used card, going to eBay would be your best bet. However, if you are willing to buy a new one, then amazon would work just fine. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hyper 212 Evo!!

As Cooler Master based the brand, the Hyper 212 Evo has unmatched performance at an unmatched price. The 212 Evo is on the larger side of the scale when it comes to scale. To make up for this though, the cooler itself has 4 direct heat tubes, made of copper, that help when the processor is under load. As my computer, a long with many others, undergo heavy loads, the extra support while gaming is a major advantage over many other cooling systems. Not only is this beast a bang for the buck, it has universal mounting solutions. With this system, if you read the directions, it is easy to mount up to any motherboard you throw at it. This product is used in many systems world wide. From casual gamer to streamer making a living from donations and viewers, this cooler stands tall compared to its competitors. This cooler is the most affordable in my opinion. At a low price of 30 dollars, I highly recommend this product. You can pick up this cooler at 

COOLER MASTER RR-212E-20PK-R2 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kingston SSD!

Many modern computers that are built for gaming or extreme us contain an ssd. With the purchase of Kingston's SSD v300 series, I was thoroughly impressed. The 120 gb ssd is used as my main operating system drive. With the increased performance while gaming, it was a no-brainer to get my hands on one either way. With the price of ssds dropping they have become very affordable, this one being around forty-five dollars. As a user stated, "Like a midget, fast, small, and looks good!" Since this is a smaller capacity drive, purchasing more than one for larger storage or a HDD would be beneficial. I would have no problem purchasing this product again. As many other would agree, if one is looking to get into the ssd market, this is a good starting place. If interested, the link for the product will be below.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

MSI B85-G43 Gaming!

MSI, a well known company in the computer parts world, has released hundreds and hundreds of boards over the years. With some of the latest higher end gaming boards dropping in price because of sales, I was able to pick one up for a little over a hundred dollars. The B85 board that I purchased was a nice buy for many reasons. It has a simple, easy to learn bios that is nice for computer builders, experienced and noob alike. This military grade board allows for slight overclocking that is capable with the installed OC Genie. It also allows for easy access to assigning priority to drives. Since the board is from MSI, we get the beautiful red and black design, of course this adds to the effect with the MSI dragon being present. This board stands strong to its ratings as I would give this board a ten out of ten. If interested, this board and its siblings can be picked up at 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

i5-4690k Processor, Amazing Performance for an Amazing Price!

Arguably the best price to performance CPU on the market, the Intel i5-4690k holds true to the customer satisfaction. It is no wonder that the everyday gamer and anyone looking for a fast rig love this processor. With a base clock of 3.5 and a turbo clock with a 6mb Cache to 3.9, this quad core has little competition. Intel's haswell team has definitely stepped up their game on their thermal interface material. This new material may seem like a small change, but it allows for the processor to run at higher temperatures while under a stock heat sink. The Intel integrated graphics is perfectly fine for light gaming and everyday use. While under load the processor has no noticeable performance drops. The next step up from this processor is an i7 that is nearly one hundred dollars more. I like many others am willing to argue that the i7 is not with the extra money with this beast at large. Given the wonderful customer feedback, I would give this a ten out of ten!